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Dirty Girl Farm Rosemary Thyme Powder Deodorizing Body Powder

Rosemary Thyme Deodorizing Body Powder

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This powder has an herbal green, fresh aroma with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. It's quite effective as an underarm deodorant and can be used alone or in combination with a stick deodorant. Great for all-over body care and destroying stinky foot odor.

Pro Tip:
Not only is this powder great for your feet and all-over body care, but it also works well for other stinky places, like gym bags, laundry baskets, your suitcase and car! It can also double as a dry shampoo when you're on the go!

Ingredients: sodium bicarbonate, zea mays starch, montmorillonite clay, kaolin clay, rosemary essential oil, white thyme essential oil, red thyme essential oil


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