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Detox Your Skincare Routine, what does that mean and where do you start? In 2018, we want real conversations to begin about your skincare routine and address some skincare concerns of yours.

First things first, we need to detox your skin before using vegan + organic products. So what’s this mean? Head into the bathroom, open the cabinet or draw or BOTH (for those of us that have waaayyy to many products ) and start checking those labels. Have you ever researched what’s in those products? Check out ALL of your products, from lotions to your deodorant – yes, your deodorant has harmful ingredients! After you’ve tossed the culprits, let’s start to detox your skin to prepare for all-natural, non-toxic products!  Here at DGF, we have some amazing products to help detoxify, refresh, and renew your skin! We can’t wait to share some of those products with you over the next few weeks.


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